The so eagerly awaited Garmin Forerunner 920XT has arrived in store at Shoes Feet Gear - Paddington. Check out our un-boxing video to see what our initial impressions were.

Garmin 920XT Triathlon Watch Top 8 Features:

1. WiFi hotspot capacity and Bluetooth mobile app

For all the cords free and ease of access geeks out there (myself included) the WiFi hotspot capacity and Bluetooth mobile app are perfect for making your most recently collected workout available without any Fuss. The new Garmin Connect interface and customisable features are great, with weekly leader boards, calorie tracking, personal records and many more customisable tabs.

2. Heart Rate Run strap and Run Metrics

As a runner I was ever so tempted to purchase the Garmin forerunner 620 or Fenix 2 when they came out with the Heart Rate Run strap and Run Metrics, now with my current GPS watch 1 year older and even more packed into the new multi-sport 920XT I am an easy sale. The cadence, Contact time and vertical oscillation are fantastic tools to monitor during an off season of run technique training to improve efficiency and track that new speed blocks physical changes to my running form. 

3. Customisable display

The ability to customise the display and show the stats I want to focus on. The Garmin 920xt has the multi-sport functions swim / bike / run and transition tracking but has improved the way these are relayed to us not only via the colour screen but through improved logging of drills / improved VO2 max and recovery tracking options in not only figures but graphical representations.  

4. Tracking your daily steps

Sick of justifying why you can have second serves for desert? For those who haven't succumbed to tracking your everyday activities of Daily living or sleep patterns this one might not interest you. The 920 comes with the Vivo smart / Vivo fit functions tracking your daily steps. This feature saves wearing a second band and allows me to show my daily 10 000 step count to those people who look at me while I eat my cake without a care in the world. 

5. Syncing with your phones calender, reminders, messages, e-mails etc

This one is slightly off board, but for those who wear our sports watch as a symbol of pride (read as too lazy to swap watches for a dress watch) the syncing with your phones calender, reminders, messages, e-mails etc is another reason to leave it on. The usefulness on a run? Not too sure yet, however on longer runs (Iron-man events or long training rides) where I may have my phone in my camelbak or tucked into an armband I can get a nice surprise mid run with a motivational text such as "Coming 5th in age group" or "Hurry up slacker" or even "Dinner will be ready at 7pm, roast tonight" might be all I need to keep me going. 

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6. Indoor run capacity

Leading on from VivoSmart and VivoFit the 920xt also has an indoor run capacity using its accelerometer to "accurately" measure your stride length and track your runs inside. I have used the VivoSmart which has no GPS and it tracks distance quite well. The 920xt has the capacity to learn as well comparing your gps and accelerometer data and then optimising your guessed distance to get as accurate as possible without GPS assistance. This has some great benefits such as not needing the foot-pod, running under bridges / tunnels and through city skyscrapers.  

7. Up to 40 hours, full tracking up to 24 hours in training mode and up to 4 months in watch mode. 

Sick of losing data due to the battery running out or want to track the longer events? The Garmin 920 has included an UltraTrac mode which slightly reduced tracking accuracy but can survive up to 40 hours, full tracking up to 24 hours in training mode and up to 4 months in watch mode.

8. Lighter, thinner 

I know this was covered thoroughly above in the video but the lighter, thinner, styling and colour screen area nice bonus to the watch. However the true standout is the band and buttons, creating a contoured fit around many wrist sizes (small included) as well as easier functionality to using the watch.

Check out the Garmin 920XT in store at Shoes Feet Gear or buy online here.



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