Here is an early look at the highly anticipated ASICS DS Trainer 20 before it gets officially released. 

Peter one of the Shoes Feet Gear podiatrists is an official wear tester for ASICS and tests out the prototype shoes for ASICS to assist in design and development of the future models.

With the 20th anniversary of this iconic light weight training and race shoe, ASICS has redesigned this shoe with a lighter and more responsive midsole, a seamless and more conforming upper and a hint of retro styling as a salute to the earlier DS Trainer models. 

The addition of a small area of 'duo sole' under the forefoot provides grip in the wet but is also a cool throw back from the earlier DS Trainer. The 'DS' actually stands for 'Duo Sole' so it seems right to use some of this on the 20th anniversary model.

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Check out the video review and we look forward to providing more reviews of yet to be released shoes.

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