Garmin Fenix 3:

Looks - 9/10 - Features 10/10  - Comfort  8/10 - Satisfaction 10/10

For those who are unsure of what to get for their lucky significant other on their birthday, anniversary or fathers day. This years conundrum has been solved. Well and truly, don't have to worry about it. Best of all it will be a gift that keeps giving.

In the race for a smart-watch many companies have forgotten that we are a throw away society and that funny apps, the latest phones and what we think is a futuristic watch will be outdated in 2-3 years. Garmin has released a watch that is stylish, has a constant watch face and is packed full of everything they have perfected over multiple iterations of their GPS watches.


The Fenix 3 (Sapphire edition) could be sold at a Jewler (in fact you will probably need to visit one to get it fitted) it sounds cliche but it looks timeless. It could have been modern in a watch cabinet 10 years ago and will still be looking good on your wrist in 10 years time.

Wearing a plastic watch to a wedding is not ideal, but travelling with two watches is less than ideal and not being able to track your run the morning of or cycle the day after is not happening. A watch is a personal item and a reflection of how you wish others to perceive you, the Fenix 3 is a timely combination of style and functionality. I really enjoy the rugged look that the slate black solid build provides, but also the confidence that durability was definitely on their mind during construction. The Analogue or Digital face is perfect for customizing how deep you want to confuse your friends and customisable displays adds a touch of personalisation compared to any other Fenix 3 owner. 


The Fenix 3 works on so many levels, from battery life, straight watch or GPS tracking through to being able to set which data you wish to capture.

EG: Hike / Trail Run / Run / Run Indoor all have different battery usage and emphasis on the GUI. 

The added temperature and elevation data is not critical but interesting to tie into performance if you are a travelling adventure runner.

The bread crumb, compass  and mapping feature, active in these modes have saved me many kilometres trying to find my way out of a forest I was exploring.

The athlete in me still loves the Heart Rate, Cadence, and running metrics still provided by the Fenix 3 as well as the multi-sport function which I am yet to fully utilize.


The inner geek loves having my phone on silent and being able to screen calls based on caller ID through to my watch. Read sms without fishing the phone out of the draw / backpack etc. The new features enable you to control music, check weather and manage your calender alerts all at the a touch of a button.


Finally the activity tracker, sleep and step counts are integrated so seamlessly you don't even realise its tracking and building a summer / winter training profile or your motivation for activity throughout the year.


My only fear with the Fenix 3 was the added weight compared to the 220/620 and even the 920xt. The metal band, rugged durability, waterproofing (100m) adds weight. I have fitted it rather snug and find the added weight on the first run was noticeable, however 3 weeks in and no longer do I feel it while even doing speed sessions at sub 3 minute pace.


Overall summary,

It has the looks!

It has the essential, advanced AND gimmicky features!

It works even on my size wrist and running speeds!


The Sapphire edition has solved my multiple watch problems and I'm sure many other outdoor enthusiasts will agree with the watch of the year The Fenix 3 over iWatch!

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