Nike Flyknit has landed!

- custom steam fitting Nike Flyknit exclusive to Shoes Feet Gear.

Check out our Flyknit range here:

Shoes Feet Gear custom steam fits Michael Shelley (2012 Olympic marathon) to the Nike Flyknit trainers ready for his next race:

The Nike Flyknit uppers have been knitted out of a single thread maximising weight loss and minimising waste. These Nike flyknit have had Flywire woven into the shoes to mold and support your feet as needed. The materials and spacing breathes as you ramp up the intensity and the base still provide the cushioning needed for our harsh surfaces! 

The Nike devlopment team run through some of these revolutionary technical features that were cooked up in the Nike Kitchen:

These have arrived in australia in severly limited numbers. Shoes Feet Gear has the biggest selection of Nike Flyknit and with custom steam fitting it is the home of Nike Flyknit! 

Buy now or come in store quick to check them out before they check out!






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