Feel your next run.

Do you remember the first time you tried on a Nike Free? You will remember the first time you try on a Nike Hyperfeel.


The Nike Free took footwear to another dimension of what shoes can do physically, aesthetically and emotionally. The Hyperfeel has taken this to another level with an instantly soft feel under foot, gentle feedback from the ground and zero inhibition to how your foot wants to do its thing.The flyknit upper continues the idea of naturally conforming to your foot and gives a pressure free wrap around feeling.

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Where does this fit into the scheme of things?

Nike has a scale of 10 down to 0 where 10 is the maximum support (Nike structure) and 0 is barefoot. The Nike Free 5.0 ranks as a 5, Free 4.0 as a 4, Free 3.0 as a 3 then the Nike Hyperfeel comes in at 1.5.

So this shoe is perfect for the idealist runner, as a lighter weight trainer or for anyone who just wants a shoe that feels unbelievable. This shoe feels unlike anything that has ever been made.

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