Asics Kayano 25 Review and Comparison to Kayano 24

One of the Shoes Feet Gear - Brisbane Podiatry Sports Podiatrists reviews the New Asics Kayano 25 ahead of the global release date.

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Key Updates to Kayano 25:

- Wider, rounder and roomier forefoot compared with Kayano 24 and significantly more than Kayano 23

- New Flyte Foam Propel for better shock attenuation and rebound than Kayano 24

- 10 grams more weight than the Kayano 24


Is it time to get back into the Kayano?

Some punters were put off by the slimming down of the Kayano 23 when it came to town and experienced tightness around the forefoot and the toe areas. Moves were made with the Kayano 24 and some of the lost soles drifted back to the Kayano 24 to give it another go. The Kayano 25 has taken it a leap further with even more room and a generous rounded shape at the forefoot and toes to ease any of these earlier concerns. 

The new Flyte Foam Propel has a great rebound effect and awesome shock attenuation to smooth things out for the heavy hitters. It does add a little bit of weight, but the rage is all about energy return at the moment with these foam materials and most people are happy to forego a little bit of weight for this.

The Kayano 25 will win back the small percentage of Kayano fans who drifted away with previous narrow versions, while keeping things pretty sleek and stylish. It will be a win for Asics.

If you are deciding whether to buy the Asics Kayano 25, the pro's are with comfort and energy return while the cons are a little more weight and bulk.

Quick Comparison Table

 Asics Kayano 25 Asics Kayano 24
More room in the forefoot More room than 23 in the forefoot
Softer, Stretchier upper Still a bit constrictive in forefoot
335g 320g
Flyte Foam Propel (full length) Flyte Foam
Flyte Foam Lyte (heel) Flyte Foam Lyte (full length)
22mm heel - 12mm forefoot  (mens) 22mm heel - 12mm forefoot (mens)
10mm heel drop (mens) 10mm heel drop (mens)
25mm heel - 12mm forefoot (womens) 25mm heel - 12mm forefoot (womens)
13mm heel drop (womens) 13mm heel drop (womens)
Meta Clutch Heel Counter Meta Clutch Heel Counter


Asics Kayano 25 Compared to Asics Kayano 24 Images

- Wider shape to the forefoot, especially around the smaller toes

- More adaptive mesh to allow sideways stretch

- More comfortable and conforming fit compared to the Kayano 24 and especially more roomy in the forefoot compared to the Kayano 23.


- redesign of the 'taping' on the inside of the shoe upper for less pressure on the forefoot. Taping can be seen in yellow below the laces on the Kayano 24 and less prominent on the Kayano 25.


- outsole changes with more of a 'lug' type grip pattern for better traction and joins to the blown rubber outsole under the big toe to resist late stage pronation.

- Updated trusstic system for smooth support and shank stiffness.


- Less Gel in heel compared to the Kayano 24 and no visual gel in the forefoot on the Kayano 25.

- Less Gel means less weight, however new Flyte Foam Propel weighs the shoe in at 335g instead of 320g for the Kayano 24

- Flyte Foam Propel does give more energy return.






The 25 is the best Kayano in years. The changes to the cushioning has made huge differences especially in the toe off position as I feel the run is a smoother feel rather than a slapping feel. The biggest difference for me is the duo max. The dynamic duo max in the 24 for me was not supportive enough and had to go in the gt2000 which I didn’t enjoy as much. While the 25 with just the duomax I find perfect in terms of support due the the full length properl foam. I hate long distant running, I’m more of a sprinter track athlete but running longer distances for fitness in the 25s have been awesome. My legs don’t fatigue as much. Highly recommend the 25s!!

Sarjit hayer

Sarjit hayer

I bought a pair of ASICS gel Kayano 25 after being recommended by a team member of Althele’s foot . After wearing it for a more than 1/2 an hour I found that the sole of my feet gets warm and uncomfortable. Today I had to wear the shoes for more than 3 hours of walking and the soles of my feet were getting very warm and uncomfortable that I had to remove my shoes every opportunity I got . . . I wonder if any anyone else has a similar problems.



Thanks for this great review. I’m a long term Asics Kayano wearer and have absolutely loathed their recent versions. They have been unwearable for any more than about 3-4km. Any attempt at 8km saw me limping home with numb, sore forefeet. I’ve been nervous about buying another pair so searched for reviews and have found your review the most helpful. Thanks for all the detail. I’m going to give the 25s a shot, fingers crossed! Cheers.

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