At Shoes Feet Gear we often get asked;

        What shoes do you recommend?

  We believe that finding the right shoe is more than matching what the staff wear.

  This blog is not a shoe guide for all runners to follow, it is an example of how shoes can be used for specific purposes.



Jaryd is a Track athlete competing Nationally in the 800m and 1500m. He is currently in the off season working on a higher mileage base to then build into speed later in the year.

He is currently injury free running in a neutral shoe:

For high mileage Jaryd is currently using the Nike Pegasus with a zoom airbag in the heel for slower runs. 

For mid mileage Jaryd has had success with the Nike Zoom Elite with a more responsive forefoot airbag for speed work. 

For track work and race day Jaryd likes a Nike Flyknit Racer  

For Gym and occasional warm ups Jaryd wears the Flyknit Free 4.0 

For trail he is sticking with the lightweight Mizuno Kazan  

 He also has a pair of Nike Victory Elite Middle Distance racing spikes for track races and in season training.

If you could choose one shoe to complete all your activities which would it be: "Zoom Pegasus or Elite"


Have you worn other brands?

I have had and still have a pair of Asics Kayano's for really high mileage training and Brooks Cascadia for higher trail mileage but am enjoying the light and responsive feel that the Nike and Mizuno shoes give at the moment.


 Any suggestions to new runners or people wanting to try new shoes?

1) If you are going to change, change slowly:

For example: Don't go from a High mileage shoe to a Barefoot shoe, work your way down and see what your mechanics and adaptions can handle.

2) If you are having pain ask an expert:

Book in to see our podiatrists to diagnose the injury and they can assist in telling you which shoe will assist in the return to pain free training the best.

3) Don't be scared to try other brands

Shoes have changed and so has your body, don't discount a brand because the one variant you tried 10 years ago didn't work for you

4) Shoes are for comfort

Find the shoe that feels the best for the activities you are doing, comfort is a sign that it is doing the job correctly for your mechanics


Thanks for reading, come in and lets us guide you through the process of picking the right shoe or the right accompanying secondary shoe.





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