The Stretch Studio: We Tested This New Paddington Business

No Time to Stretch?

If you’re anything like me, you barely have time to exercise, let alone stretch, right? Or maybe you don’t think stretching is important or necessary? Neither did I...until I got injured! Don’t really have time for a massage or need something to supplement your physio? I found a great solution...Queensland’s first Stretch Studio, right here in Paddington!

I must admit, I’ve never prioritised stretching as part of my exercise routine, but (now!) knowing how important it is to maintain mobility and flexibility for proper run technique (to avoid injury!), I’m really excited to have the Stretch Studio just a couple of doors up from our shop!

First Session of Assisted Stretching

I had my first stretch session and it was excellent! The Flexologist worked over my whole body and paid particular attention to my glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors (which have all been getting plenty of over-use with my running over the last few months). What a difference 30 minutes of assisted stretching can make! I thought the session was very beneficial, so I’m looking forward to booking in for another session.

Who's it For?

Even if you’re not into running, the Stretch Studio is great for anyone and everyone - even kids! Stretching helps to improve posture, increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, reduce pain and even help you move better, so everyone can benefit from an assisted stretch!

How to Book

You can visit the Stretch Studio casually or you might want to consider buying a multi-pass (at a discounted cost) if you’re likely to be a frequent visitor. They have various session times available from 30 mins to 1 hour. The Stretch Studio is located at 104 Latrobe Tce Paddington, literally a few doors down from us!

You’re able to book online through the MindBody app (it’s easy to download from the App Store), or you can call or message the Stretch Studio directly. Be sure to follow them! Best of all, the Stretch Studio is open seven days a week!! Get stretching! Your body will thank you for me!


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Alex Harris

Alex Harris

I am wanting to improve posture and massively increase my flexibility and mobility, because I believe it’s one of the main sources of my regular back and leg pain. What are the prices? Is private health insurance valid here?

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