Heel pain is one of the most common complaints treated at Shoes Feet Gear. The heel has very important structures that absorb shock, help produce power and provide strength to the rest of the foot. Damage to these important structures leads to pain and can progress to very debilitating problems.


Plantar Fasciitis  (click here)

  • pain under the heel and sometimes under the arch
  • pain commonly first step after rest


    Achilles Injury - Mid Portion Above Heel (click here)

    • pain at the back of the leg above the heel bone
    • swelling and thickness sometimes present


    Retrocalcaneal Bursitis - Achilles Bursitis (click here)

    • The fluid filled sac (bursa) becomes inflamed due to trauma or underlying conditions

    • Athletes can often experience this condition with hard heel cups on their shoes or from the heel slipping


      Sever's Disease (click here)

      • 8 to 13 year old children
      • pain with higher intensity activity


        Heel Spurs (click here)

        • large bone spur on x-ray
        • common name for plantar fasciitis


          Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

          • nerves close to and under the heel become irritated
          • burning, numbness feelings


            Lock lacing is an excellent way to ensure that the heel doesn't slip and reduces friction and rubbing. This lacing can also be used to keep the heel firm and create plenty of room in the forefoot to help with Morton's neuroma, inter-metatarsal bursitis, bunions or wide feet. Our Shoes Feet Gear Brisbane podiatrist demonstrates how to do this lock lacing technique.


            Once our podiatrists make an accurate diagnosis of your heel pain, there is a range of treatments options that can be implemented that are relative to the particular condition being treated. Shoes Feet Gear will provide best practice treatments that can include correct footwear, stretching, strengthening, strapping tape, prescription orthoses, run technique correction, physical therapies as well as involving other health practitioners.

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