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Whether you are running for the first time or are a seasoned athlete, every runner questions the way they run and wonders how they can improve their running style to go further and faster for less effort or to help avoid that niggly injury that just won’t go away.

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Course Details

  • Date/Time – Wednesday mornings 5:30 – 6:30 am starting from the 7th May 2014.
  • Location – Shoes Feet Gear, 5/183 Given Terrace, Paddington, Qld 4064.
  • Cost – $119 Tri Alliance members, $139 non-members.

What’s Involved?

  • One session per week over 6 weeks.
  • Sessions conducted as a group to keep it fun, limited numbers.
  • Individual video analysis at every session for visual feedback.
  • Explanation of key goals for run efficiency and how these relate to you.
  • Group drills and coaching.
  • Implementation of drills into regular training (a little bit of homework!).

Check out this sample video of what we look for with running:


Coaching Team

Jaryd Grantham

  • Shoes Feet Gear biomechanist/technical run coach
  • Bachelor of Human Movement Studies, Masters of Advanced Sports Coaching, worked at QAS on elite triathletes running form

Peter Charles and Dan Holmes

  • Shoes Feet Gear podiatrists
  • Running shoe experts

Tim Franklin

  • Tri Alliance specialist run coach
  • Numerous marathon finisher
  • 3 time Ironman finisher

Numbers are limited so if you are interested in please register below.



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