Knee pain is very common in the general population and especially common with people increasing their activity levels.  There are many types of knee pain and a correct diagnosis of exactly what is causing the knee pain is the key.

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Once a correct diagnosis of the knee pain is made then there are many treatments that include shoe selection, improving foot function, changing run mechanics, muscle strengthening and physical therapies.

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Pain Under Kneecap

Chondromalacia patella is a common running complaint that involves pain under the kneecap... (click for more)

Pain Outside of Knee

Pain outside of knee (ITB pain or Frictional Syndrome) is pain experienced on the outside of the knee that... (click for more)

Knee Arthritis

The most common form of knee arthritis affects the medial (or inside) part of the knee joint... (click for more)

Meniscal Tears

The meniscus are two wedge shaped pieces of cartilage that act as the shock absorbers between the... (click for more)

Runners Knee

Runners knee if a general term used to describe common knee pains experienced by runners... (click for more)