Temporary Treatment

Temporary treatments involve the use of precision tools to carefully remove problematic pieces of toenail that may be contributing to the problem. Short term solutions are used to quickly reduce the pain, inflammation and possible infections.

Permanent Treatment

Permanent solutions may be considered for recurrent ingrown nails of painful edges of nails. Shoes Feet Gear perform a neat procedure that involves the careful use of a local anaesthetic at the base of the toe to easily and completely block all feeling from the toe. This is the most comfortable and complete way to anaesthetise a toe.

Ingrown Toe Nail Procedure Brisbane

Cream to numb the skin

EMLA cream contains local anaesthetic that can be applied to the skin prior to numb the skin prior to administering the local anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic injections are a very short lived and mildly painful, however EMLA cream is effective for any patient who is worried about feeling a needle. Our podiatrists use careful techniques to minimise the number of anaesthetic injections that are felt by the patient.


If You Like Watching Medical Procedures, Keep Scrolling

Plenty of patients, other medical practitioners and podiatry students ask us what specialised techniques we use at Shoes Feet Gear when performing our permanent ingrown nail procedures. If you like watching medical procedures, then check out our videos of the entire process below.

Local anaesthetic to completely numb the toe

Our podiatrists can perform a 'H-Block' to numb the second site that needs local anaesthetic so that the patient doesn't feel the second injection.

Once the second location is numb, the final local anesthetic is administered.

Testing to make sure the toe is completely numb.

Removing and treating the problem nail edge

Specialised tools are used to remove the very small section of nail that is problematic and the root is treated with a chemical to prevent the nail ever regrowing.

When performed correctly, this is a permanent solution and our careful techniques don't involve cutting the skin, no need for stitches and results in a speedy recovery without any scars.