Growing Pains is also know as or related to: leg pains, night cramps, night pains, sore legs, tired legs or children's leg pains.


One of the most common lower limb complaints with children is ‘growing pains’. The term growing pains has been used to describe leg pains in children for decades, however it is a very inaccurate diagnosis and seems to infer that it is a ‘normal’ pain with growing.

It is not normal to experience lower leg pain in children and this is a sign that there is a problem.


Children commonly complain of shin pain, especially along either side of the shin bones during or after activity. Children aged from 2 years to 7 years of age will sometimes wake in pain and may want their lower legs rubbed. Some children may simply complain of tired or sore legs with prolonged activity and want to be picked up more than other children their age.


The pain results from the lower limb muscles working too hard and cramping and resulting in delayed onset muscle soreness. Poor foot function is a common cause of these muscles being over worked in some children.

Once an accurate diagnosis is made then treatments can be implemented to improve foot function and stop these lower leg muscles being over worked. Supportive shoes, prescription inserts, strapping tape, stretching and strengthening exercises are some of these treatments that may be used.