Shoes Feet Gear has all the latest technology on-site to:

3D laser scan your feet

Digitally design your orthotics

Computer mill your orthotics from soft EVA foam

Fit and adjust your orthotics

This allows us to manufacture and fit your orthotics while you wait if required. We can even 3D print your orthotics for more traditional style hard orthotics.

Soft Digital Orthotics - $600 (full codes and costs here)

Hard 3D Printed Orthotics - $750 (full codes and costs here)

Do I Really Need Orthotics?

Understanding why you would benefit from using an orthotic is the first step of the orthotic process. Our experienced Sports Podiatrists will accurately diagnose your complaint and determine if an orthotic will actually be beneficial for your needs. The goal of any orthotic is to align the lower limb to it's correct anatomical position so that the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones of the body can function as efficiently as possible.

Common Uses:

- reduce strain on an injury

- prevent injury recurrence

- reduce load on overworked structures

- improve performance

- reduce trips, falls and sprains.


Two Types of Orthotics:

Soft Computer Milled Foam Orthotics (High Quality EVA Foam)

Hard 3D Printed Orthotics (Eco Friendly Polymer Plastic)

Both types of orthotics begin with taking a 3D Laser Scan of your foot which is the most accurate method of capturing the foot digitally. This scan is used by your Shoes Feet Gear podiatrist to correct your foot alignment and create the orthotic design. This design is then either computer milled onsite from soft foam or 3D printed from polymer plastic. Owning the scanners, software and milling machines gives our Shoes Feet Gear podiatrists full control over the design and manufacture process and allows the fastest available turnaround for painful injuries.


Step 1 - 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning allows our podiatrists to capture high definition 3D images of your feet in any position we like. This is critical for an accurate orthotic made exactly for your feet.

Step 2 - Computer design

Advanced software allows our experienced podiatrist us to use CAD CAM style programs to digitally correct your foot, design your orthotics and add any components to the digital drawing of your orthotics.

Check out this time lapse video of one of our podiatrists in action designing a pair of orthotic inserts:


CNC Milling machines inside our Brisbane clinic have computer driven drill bits that drill out the digitally designed orthotics from soft foam materials with an accuracy of 0.2mm. Shoes Feet Gear imports different density foams that are the same material as the midsole of your running shoes – makes sense doesn’t it!

Step 3 - Computer Milled Soft Orthotics

If you wear running shoes, are a child, wear safety footwear or other low-heeled shoes then these orthotics are usually the best choice for you.

Here is a time lapse video of our CNC milling machine computer routing a pair of orthotics:


3D Printed Orthotics

Shoes Feet Gear also has the option of 3D printing your orthotics out of environmentally friendly material with minimum waste. These orthotics are the traditional style of hollow, firm orthotics that last a long time and are easy to fit to different shoes.

The disadvantage of 3D printed orthotics is that the firmer materials are less forgiving with feeling pressure areas and are more difficult to adjust and fine tune.


What type of orthotics are best for me?

There are many different materials, technologies and methods to manufacture orthoses. Things to consider when choosing prescription orthoses are what type of support needs to be provided, the type of shoes they will be worn in, the types of activities performed and how long they need to last.

Shoes Feet Gear manufacture all types of orthoses from the latest in 3D laser scanned orthotics milled from soft foams, 3D printed firm orthotics through to traditional thin hard plastic orthotics. Our experienced podiatrists will help find the best solution for you.

Other orthotic treatment options include:

Pre-made orthoses ($55)
  • pre fabricated and purchased in store with no need for an appointment
  • cheaper cost at $55 per pair or less
  • very mild support and high chance of irritation or discomfort
Traditional prescription orthoses - Vacuum Pressed to Plaster Casts
  • the slim hollow design is great for dressier women’s shoes
  • hard materials last longer
  • hard materials can be uncomfortable and cause problems
  • slow manufacture process of weeks

Our experienced podiatrists will help determine which orthotic type suits your foot complaint, footwear and personal situation.