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Initial Consultation $160

This is the starting point for all new patients. We allocate a full hour for all assessments, video run analysis, rehabilitation programs, footwear advice and treatments that are all inclusive.

Private health fund codes:  F004 ($90) + F118 ($70)

Simple Foot Care $80

New and returning patients are allocated half an hour for cutting toenails, removal of hard skin and the treatment of cracked heels. Concession card discounts accepted, Medicare Referred Care Plans are bulk billed, DVA and Work Cover accepted.

Private health fund codes:  F014 ($80)

Return Consultation $80

Half an hour is generally allocated for all ongoing appointments.

Private health fund codes:   F014 ($80)

First Time Orthotics $570 (All Inclusive)

If our podiatrists decide orthotics are required then this is the total fixed price for the orthotics. It includes 3D laser scanning, prescribing, digital design, manufacturing, fitting consultation and unlimited adjustments for one year.

An Initial Consultation ($160) is always required first to determine if you actually need orthotics and is not included in this cost.

Private health codes:  F303 ($60) + F221 ($215) + F221 ($215) + F014 ($80)

Replacement Orthotics $380 (All Inclusive)

If you have had prescription orthotics from us or anyone else and simply want them replaced, the process is much easier and the cost is much less.

Private health codes: F221 ($150) + F221 ($150) + F014 ($80)

Ingrown Nail Surgery $510 (All inclusive)

If a permanent ingrown nail solution is required we can perform a neat procedure using local anaesthetic.  24hr review, 1 week review appointments and dressings for the week are included.

Private health codes:  F014 ($80) + F546 ($270) + F014 ($80) + F014 ($80)

Ingrown Nail Surgery Extra Sides $150 each

Sometimes more than one edge of a nail will need treatment. This cost is for every extra nail edge treated.

Private health codes:   F546 ($150) to be added for each extra side