Shoes Feet Gear have many trusted medical, training, rehabilitation and sporting groups that we recommend and work with on a daily basis to help people achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. Some of the large groups include:


An experience as amazing as the scenery
Smiles inside and out
The perfect girls getaway.



Triathlon club catering to age group triathletes as well as a full range of training opportunities for athletes of all levels.


The highest quality coaching experience in an intimate group training environment. We provide young athletes with an opportunity to develop and build confidence in their running skills while training and competing with other athletes of similar ages and abilities in a supportive environment.



At Tri Nation Triathlon we strive to ensure that each and every session provides a coaching service. At our training sessions you will be pushed to find new limits, achieve new goals and set new standards.


Professional, welcoming and friendly environment to enable the development of Brisbane's running community.


Marie has spent the last 10 years travelling the world- operating running tours; hosting fitness and health presentations and workshops; promoting her two successful publications- Lazy Runner and Lazy Loser.



At Achieving You, our qualified and experience personal trainers know we can help you change your life, because we’ve helped so many others change theirs with a one-on-one approach designed to get real results.