Foot pain is far too common and many people ignore early signs of problems of foot pain that can become far more serious. Foot problems can quickly escalate to serious foot problems due to the amount of force that is exerted through feet every day. Feet absorb two or three times your body weight per step with activity. With 10 000 steps per day recommended for active people, your feet will absorb about 2000 tons of force per day for the average person. It is no wonder that feet become painful!

Foot pain can be very difficult to diagnose due to the extra ordinary work that the small structures of the foot need to perform on a daily basis.

Foot Pain Treatments

Having your foot assessed by an experience foot specialist is the key to an accurate early diagnosis that will enable you to get moving again quickly.

Putting your trust in an experienced and professional podiatrist will ensure you not only have your foot pain accurately diagnosed but with the team at Shoes Feet Gear we put you on the correct treatment plan for you to recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Our Brisbane podiatrists and Gladstone podiatrists have a special interest in diagnosing and treating lower limb injuries

Shoes Feet Gear's Brisbane Podiatrists and Gladstone Podiatrists can help you with all lower limb complaints. Make an appointment today to see a Brisbane Podiatrist or Gladstone Podiatrist.

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