Metatarsalgia is known as or related to:



Forefoot pain, forefoot joint pain, metatarsal phalangeal capsulitis, plantar plate strain, inter metatarsal bursitis,


Metatarsalgia simply describes inflammation of a metatarsal and is not an accurate diagnosis of an actual foot condition. This inflammation in the metatarsal area is caused by injury to more specific anatomy that then causes this inflammation that is commonly described as metatarsalgia.


Metatarsalgia presents as pain through the forefoot that may vary in nature and location depending on which specific anatomical structure is injured and causing the problem.


Plantar plate strain:
- this is a small but strong ligament that connects the toe to the ball of the foot. When injured, this ligament causes pain and inflammation inside one of the joints of the forefoot.

Inter metatarsal bursitis:
- small fluid filled sacks provide cushioning between and around the joints of the forefoot and irritation to these cause swelling and pain

Metatarsal phalangeal capsulitis:
- the lining of the joints of the forefoot can itself become inflamed from repetitive impact on unyielding hard surfaces causing pain and swelling.


To treat Metatarsalgia, an experienced podiatrist will take an accurate history, perform a thorough examination and series of tests to diagnose which specific anatomical structure has been injured and then come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

One of the many treatments that is common for all forefoot complaints is well fitted footwear with maximum cushioning through the forefoot of the shoe. A Shoes Feet Gear podiatrist explains how to choose the right footwear features for these forefoot conditions in this video.

These small structures can be surprisingly debilitating and difficult to treat due to the nature of walking and running putting huge forces through the forefoot area.

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