Also known as or related to Osgood Schlatters Disease, Knee Cap Pain, Pain Under Knee Cap, Sore Knee.


The same knee pains that occur for adults can occur with children, however there are some extra considerations and conditions that appear with children.


The common themes for knee pain in children are:

1. Get an accurate diagnosis from someone who has an interest in sports and kids

2. Foot function is critical to make sure the knee is tracking correctly. The knees follow your feet!

3. Hip function is important through Glute strength, Glute Control and Run Technique

4. Releasing the tight muscles around the knee, especially the quads

Common Kids Knee Pains:

The most common knee pain in children is Osgood Schlatters disease. This involves the growth plate below the knee becoming inflamed from too much pulling by the patella ligament that joins onto this growth plate. The above treatments are required to get the growth plate inflammation to settle and allow the child to participate in as much sport as possible.

High quality sports shoes matched to your child's foot type by our sports podiatrists are very important for managing this condition.

Pain under or around the knee cap is the next most common kids knee pain. More information of the cause of this and treatments can be found on our webpage by clicking here.

If your child is suffering from knee pain, an accurate diagnosis by one of our experienced Sports Podiatrists is critical to ensure a fast recovery.