Morton's Neuroma is also known as or related to:

Morton's Neuroma

Numb toes, numb feet, neuroma, inter-digital neuroma


Morton’s neuroma refers to the inflammation of the nerve that passes between the joints of the forefoot and supplies feeling to the smaller toes of the foot.

The nerve that supplies feeling to the 3rd and 4th toes is most prone to irritation due to two larger nerve branches combining in this spot. This nerve accounts for 90% of neuroma’s in the forefoot with the other 10% occurring with the nerve that supplies the 2nd and 3rd digits.


As the nerve becomes inflamed it causes all sorts of feelings in the forefoot and the smaller toes such as tingling, altered sensations, stabbing pain, deep pain and numbness. 


Any pressure that squeezes the forefoot such as tight shoes will cause the bones in the forefoot to compress and irritate the inter-digital nerve that supplies feeling to the smaller toes.

As the nerve becomes irritated, the lining of the nerve swells and puts increasing pressure on the nerve. As the pressure increases the symptoms of altered sensations, pain and eventually numbness as feeling through the nerve is blocked.


Correctly diagnosing this condition with an experienced podiatrist is essential as damage to the surrounding joints, ligaments, joint linings, fluid filled sacks and other structures causes localised swelling that puts pressure on the same nerve and produces that same symptoms.

True Morton’s neuroma treatments can include wide fitting footwear, cushioned soled shoes, low heels, metatarsal dome pads, specifically designed padding or orthotics, changing run technique from forefoot striking, ultrasound guided cortisone injections or surgical excision.

One of our Shoes Feet Gear podiatrists shows how to do a volume lacing technique to reduce pressure on the forefoot. This creates more width in the front of the shoe to help with Morton's neuroma, inter-metatarsal bursitis, bunions and wide feet.

This volume lacing can also be combined with lock lacing to create more width in the forefront and the heel firm. Check out the video instructions by clicking here.

If the nerve has been irritated for a long time, then permanent scarring forms and can make this condition difficult to resolve completely. So make an appointment as soon as possible to have this condition diagnosed and treated properly.

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