(Medial Compartment of the Knee Osteoarthritis)

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Pain inside of knee, knee joint pain, knee osteoarthritis, knee arthritis, meniscal tear, knee cartilage tear. Medial compartment arthritis

The most common form of knee arthritis affects the medial (or inside) part of the knee joint. The cartilage lining of the bones on the inside part of the knee become damaged and worn causing pain.

A previous injury such as an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear or a meniscal tear will almost certainly lead to medial knee arthritis eventually.


Offloading force on this part of the knee is the key to reducing pain and prolonging any imminent knee replacement surgeries. This can be achieved through footwear and orthotic set-up. 

Shoes for knee arthritis

The majority of people will be fitted with shoes with support on the inside of the shoe to reduce pronation (feet rolling in), however this can be a problem with knee arthritis. The extra pressure placed on the inside of the foot from this support increases the pressure on the inside of the knee that is arthritic.  Even if supportive shoes have helped in the past, our podiatrists should assess your situation as this may now be exaggerating your problems.

Orthotics for knee arthritis 

Orthotics have to be designed very differently for knee osteoarthritis. A standard prescription for an orthotic can actually make the symptoms worse by increasing the force on the inside of the knee. Specific angles to take pressure of the inside of the knee must be used to get the best results. Your old orthotics that used to work normally need to be redesigned for knee osteoarthritis.

Exercise for knee arthritis

Increasing evidence is confirming that exercise and activity is the best thing for knee osteoarthritis. It is an easy trap to think of an arthritic knee joint like a worn out piece of machinery. The human body is constantly adapting and changing and exercise results in less pain, better function and better outcomes long term.  The trick is to have a good shoe and orthotic set-up to help minimise pain to allow you to use your knee as much as possible.

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