Meet Pete Jacobs - 2012 Ironman World Champion at Shoes Feet Gear

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Pete Jacobs will give his personal advice for you to have a faster run leg off the bike as well as dealing with running injuries and improving run technique.

When: Thursday, 9th April from 4pm - 5pm
Where: At our new specialty run store and podiatry clinicShoes Feet Gear, 108 Latrobe Tce, Paddington Qld 4064
Requirements: Nothing! Just turn up and get some free personal advice from the Ironman World Champ on how to improve your running.
About Pete Jacobs:

Pete Jacobs has had a string of successes in the 8 years he has been a professional triathlete.  An 8th place at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in 2009 showed Pete’s promise of being World Champion one day. At Hawaii in 2010  his 9th place (after a 4 minute penalty stop for taking too long to pass on the bike) was thanks to running the 3rd ever fastest marathon at the Hawaiian Ironman, and the fastest of the day, a 2:41:05. Then, in 2011 Pete proved to everyone and himself he is one of the best triathletes in the world by being runner up at the World Championships, and once again had the fastest run split with a 2:42:29.

Regarded as one of the worlds premier Ironman swimmers and runners,  Pete knows his ability on the bike is there to use, and showed this when he won Ironman Australia 2011 in Port Macquarie after an 11 minute lead off the bike.

Pete’s ability and talent has not gone unnoticed by the heavyweights of the sport and he has been named an ambassador for the John Maclean Foundation, an Australian based charity that supports young Australians who need assistance and was founded by Olympian, English Channel swimmer and Hawaii Ironman Hall of Famer John Maclean. Pete’s profile and development within the sport helps to drive and maintain the close relationship that John and JMF has with Ironman.

In 2012 Pete’s dream came true and his hard work paid off. He won the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. His maturity and experience showed through with one of the most controlled performances seen on the big Island for a long time. Pete had the 3rd fastest splits for the swim, bike, and run, leaving him a winning advantage of 5minutes.

Pete is young enough and talented enough to be winning Ironman races for the next ten years. His career is still in the early developmental stages, and he can become the most successful Ironman triathlete ever. Pete will never stop learning and looking for a more efficient and smarter way to train and race, so you can be sure his foretold rise to the top of the world will not be short-lived.


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