Straddie Salute Race Tips (6 of 15)

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The Straddie Salute is coming and we have put together some great run and race tips to help you get the most out of this awesome weekend away.

Here are the next 3 of 15 tips:

*new* 10. Treat Yourself - There's nothing wrong with looking sharp on race day

Don't be afraid to spend a little cash on a new singlet or shorts for a big race. It can often be a great source of motivation seeing your new race kit laid out the night before the big day. 

*new* 11. Don't forget your weaknesses - Stretching isn't an evil word

Everyone is guilty of skipping sessions, not stretching or finishing a set early on occasion. Just remember that these are the things that will come back to bite you on race day. So make sure you add in time for that long run you've been avoiding or get a stretching routine going each night while you watch the news. You'll reap the benefits on race day!

*new* 12. Play with your nutrition - Trying new things on race day can be a recipe for disaster

Everyone has different nutritional needs on race day, some like Endura and gel while others will swear by bananas and Mars bars. What's important is finding what works best for you and long training runs are the best time for a little trial and error. I can testify that port-a-loo stops mid race are never fun. So don't be afraid to try different products, that way come race day you'll have honed in on your own nutritional plan.

13. Buddy Up - Running with a partner or friend is a great way to maintain motivation

Getting your partner or friends is one of the best ways to stick to a training program, plus a little friendly competition and bragging rights doesn't go astray. You will be surprised how much of a difference a training partner makes, especially on the days where you may feel tired and flat. It also makes getting out of bed at 5 am in winter not so bad.

14. Shoe Rotation - Like that favourite t-shirt with all the holes in it, shoes have a life span too

Many runners make the mistake of wearing their shoes for well beyond their intended life span. Quality running shoes have a 700-1000 km expected life before they should be replaced. If you keep a training diary, monitor your mileage so you have an idea as to when you'll need to replace your shoes. Uncommon soreness is often a signal that your shoes may have had their day and it's time to get a new pair. If possible, have two pairs which you can alternate between, this will help the longevity of your shoes.

15. Train Specifically To Your Event - The more you're used to race distance, the easier it'll become race day

It's important that you allow your body to become accustomed with the distance that you're running. There's nothing worse than getting a rude shock on race day! Another benefit is that it'll help you pull up better post race.


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