Weekly run tip

Shoes Feet Gear’s technical run coach and biomechanist provides weekly run technique tips to encourage strong and efficient running form. These tips can help to improve speed, power, efficiency and can help reduce lower limb pains.

Tri Nation and Shoes Feet Gear have combined to provide individual online run technique video gait analysis and individual online run technique correction. Our online run technique coaching is very cost effective and enables you to correct your individual running technique when it suits your busy schedule. Find out more here

Shoes Feet Gear can help further with your run technique by providing individual video gait analysis and individual run technique coaching onsite at their Paddington practice. See more by clicking here

Shoes Feet Gear has onsite podiatry clinics, running shoes and a specialty run store to help with all lower limb complaints. Ask our podiatrists a question by clicking here

Week 2

Run technique tip – Forward lean