Asics Novablast Review & Wear Test

Asics Novablast Review & Wear Test

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The Asics Novablast is new to the Asics range. It is designed to be springy and energetic, with a unique outsole design that provides a trampoline effect to push you along. It also features a revolutionary new lightweight and bouncy midsole material called FlyteFoam Blast, which is softer and bouncier than other materials used in the Asics range. So, the verdict?

Today I ran 10km of Bardon hills in the rain. I hadn’t planned on running quite that far (insert Podiatrist husband saying “keep your run short”) but the cooler temperature with an ever so light sprinkle of rain (and perhaps my bouncy new kicks?!) seemed to be a winning combination.

Light, Soft and Energetic

So, my first impression of the shoes while lacing them up, was that they were slightly stiffer under-foot than some of the other Asics models that I run in. I also thought that it felt wider underfoot, but maybe that was just in my head (because of the interesting outsole design).

Once upright, the bouncy midsole is unmissable. It feels soft and energetic, just as they claim. It was a different feel to what I am used to with Asics, but I loved the lightweight, bouncy feel, especially when striking heavily on the forefoot to get up the hills.

Fitting and Upper

As for the fit, I don’t have a broad foot, but I felt like there was heaps of room in the toe-box. I would say that the sizing is true to size for the Asics range (as I wore a US 8 which is my regular sneaker size).

The upper is a monofilament engineered mesh with woven reinforcements and it has an internal heel counter. The fit was firm and comfortable and I didn’t get any heel slipping, which I sometimes struggle with in other models.

For those who like the stats, the midsole height is 32-22 for men and 31-21 for women (giving it a 10mm drop). The weight is 255g for men and 215g for women.

As for the outsole, I was nervous about how it would hold up in the rain, but I didn’t need to be. The rubber outsole had me sticking to the ground with no slipping and sliding on the wet concrete and bitumen. I wasn’t however, setting any records with my pace, and was probably being a little more cautious because of the rain.

So, all in all, I like the Novablast! While it’s a great shoe for those looking for a new, energetic running experience, it probably isn’t the shoe that you’re going to be clocking up all of your KMs in.

Colour Options

If you’re not a fan of the loud colours, don’t worry, we’ve decided to stock the more sedate platinum model, which is dark grey and silver. The men’s and women’s models look exactly the same, but of course they are slightly different in their weights and midsole heights. The new Novablast is available online and in-store now. $240 for the platinum model.

Asics Novablast Platinum (Womens) - Click Here

Asics Novablast Platinum (Mens) - Click Here

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