Best Shoes for Flat Feet: The Top 4 Rated Support Shoes in 2018

The majority of feet roll inwards (or pronate), so there are a huge range of shoes designed by technical footwear companies to help these common types of feet.

Here are the top four rated models of support shoes of 2018. They are designed for feet that roll inwards and have the best possible cushioning for comfort and protection.


Asics Kayano 25 Mizuno Wave Horizon 2 Brooks Transcend 5 Nike Structure 21


(10 max - 1 mild)

6 9 5 7


(10 smooth - 1 clunky)

8 5 5 7


325g 330g 301g 295g


(10 ultra soft, 1 firm)

9 8 7 5
Upper Fit
Seamless, moderate stretch Seamless, breathable Firmer Seamless, Firmer


Regular, Wide, Extra Wide Regular Regular Regular


$260 AUD $259 AUD $240 $200


Soft cushioning, smooth ride and moderate support. Choose this if you want a premium feel under foot, not too bulky and only need a standard amount of support. Plush and very supportive shoe. Choose this if you need a lot of support for very flat feet, but you also want the plush upper feel.  A little bulkier, but super stable. If you use an orthotic or have stability issues, then this is the high mileage shoe for you. Responsive and very supportive. Runners used to a firmer/faster feel under foot will love this shoe and it has a lot of support for flat feet.





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